The Ghost in the Mirror: Gothic creepiness for all ages

The Ghost in the Mirror by John Bellairs & Brad Strickland

I may not be the best person to review John Bellairs' The Ghost in the Mirror (1993), since it is clearly one book of many in a series, and I've only just arrived. When I picked up my copy from the library, I had no idea that it was part of a larger set, when in fact, Bellairs has written sixteen books that contain the characters found within this book.

I should say at this point that Bellairs' passed away in 1991, leaving behind several unfinished manuscripts. Brad Strickland has completed many of his stories, including this one. But I certainly couldn't see a drop in quality, or any obvious change in style. But then again, I'm a newcomer and this review can only judge the merits of this one particular book. It may therefore be inadequate in assessing its worth as par... Read More