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Kelly Chats with Jo Graham

After being enchanted by Jo Graham’s debut novel Black Ships and her new novel Hand of Isis, I had some questions for Jo Graham:

Kelly: One of the ways I can tell I’ve been truly captivated by a work of historical fiction is that I get the mad urge to go out and learn the real history behind the story! So, of course, I’ve been looking up Charmian, with extremely limited success. How much is actually known about her?

Jo Graham:  There isn’t much —

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An Interview With Robert Rhodes

FanLit’s own Robert Rhodes was recently interviewed by Jason M. Waltz, founder of Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE). RBE publishes Return of the Sword: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure which includes Rob’s story “To Be a Man”. You can read Greg’s review of Return of the Sword here. This interview is reprinted here with Mr Waltz’s permission.

Jason Waltz: What drives your art? What forces you, rides you, hustles you, controls you until its latest needs have been met? What really drives you to create speculative fiction art,

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Kelly Chats With Maggie Stiefvater

Kelly interviewed Maggie Stiefvater about her Young Adult fantasy novel Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception. Be sure to also read Kelly’s review of Lament. Learn more about Ms Stiefvater at her website.

Lament hearkens back to the old faerie legends, which were often tragic and often frightening, and not at all sugar-coated. How did you become interested in faerie lore, especially the darker stuff?

When you write about things like homicidal faeries, you get asked “why faeries?”

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Kelly chats with Louise Hawes

Kelly recently interviewed Louise Hawes after reading and enjoying her book Black Pearls: A Faerie Strand (2008). You can read Kelly’s review here and learn more about Louise Hawes and her works in other genres at her website.

Kelly: Did you have a favorite fairy tale as a child? Do you have a favorite now? If so, what made/makes that particular story resonate with you?

Louise Hawes: Snow White was always a very special story for me. I think, even then, the idea of a large young girl and tiny men,

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Kelly Chats with Justin Gustainis

Recently I spoke with Justin Gustainis, author of Quincey Morris Supernatural Investigation: Black Magic Woman. Mr Gustainis’s second QUINCEY MORRIS novel, Evil Ways, will be released on Dec 30, 2008. Don’t miss my review of Black Magic Woman.

Kelly: Why Quincey Morris? That is, how did you come up with the idea of making your hero a descendant of Stoker’s character, and why that particular Stoker character?

Justin Gustainis: I’ve always thought that Quincey Morris got pretty short shrift in Stoker’s original novel.

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Kelly chats with Chris Howard about Seaborn and Peanut Butter

Kelly interviews Chris Howard about his novel Seaborn. Read Kelly’s review of Seaborn on our Chris Howard page. The art in this interview comes from Chris Howard’s portfolio.

Kelly: Seaborn features two complex and fascinating heroines: Corina and Kassandra. Each woman is involved in a struggle to gain control of her own psyche; Corina has Aleximor, the necromancer who has possessed her, and Kassandra has the voices of her ancestors prodding her toward the goals they think she ought to pursue. Corina is very open to the reader emotionally—we know most of what makes her tick and what her inner landscape is like—but is unable to take action in the physical world throughout most of the book.

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A Chat with the Reverend Patrick Rothfuss

FanLit thanks Mark Pawlyszyn for contributing this interview with Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller Chronicle Day 1: The Name of the Wind. His sequel, The Kingkiller Chronicle Day 2: A Wise Man’s Fear will be published in the future.

Mr Rothfuss won our first ever “Best Book of the Year” award (2007).

Mark: I think what I enjoyed most about The Name of the Wind is the lack of clichés and predictability. I loved that a certain mood would be set up,

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Stacia Kane talks about her Personal Demons and Unholy Ghosts

Beth Johnson interviews Stacia Kane, author of Personal Demons.

Beth: So for starters… one of the things I really loved about Personal Demons was Megan. She was a good, strong character without being one of those attitude-packing tough broads so common in urban fantasy. What made you decide to make her that way? Was that how you originally envisioned her, or did she end up having her own ideas?

Stacia Kane: It’s basically how I envisioned her from the beginning. While I enjoy reading stories about really tough girls sometimes,

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Bill Chats with Alma Alexander

Recently I had a chance to chat with Alma Alexander, author of the young adult epic WORLDWEAVERS. Please find synopses, cover art, and my reviews of Alma Alexander’s WORLDWEAVERS novels here. Alma Alexander’s website is here.

How much of a “plotter” are you before you start — do you have detailed outlines of where you are going, a general sense of conclusion? Have you ever found any of your characters “getting away from you,” in the sense that they end up involved in ways you hadn’t anticipated?

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Will Chats with Janny Wurts at Capricon XXVIII

FanLit thanks Will Daniels for this contribution to our site!

I enjoyed meeting and chatting with Janny Wurts at Capricon XXVIII.

Janny is an amazing woman — a self-made artist and author who’s been in the business since 1981. The impression I received from talking to Ms. Wurts was that she is a true fantasy geek. She writes for us, not just for profit.

I caught up with Janny toward the end of the day on Saturday while she was signing autographs for her fans. Scott Kuntzelman brought about 12 books for her to sign;

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