WWWednesday: October 18, 2017

Cat Pumpkin

Cat Pumpkin

Word for Wednesday:

According to Haggard Hawks, the noun trollock is old English for a worn our coat or garment. This word has also been appropriated to refer to certain behavior on the internet, as in, “Save your trollocking for those who haven’t read it a million times.”


Northern coastal California is facing the most destructive set of wildfires in our history. In Sonoma County, where I live, 19% of the population has been displaced, at least temporarily, by the fires. The Red Cross (of course) will accept donations. If, like me, you prefer to donate to local groups when you can, the Redwood Empire Credit Union has a fund for victims of fires in Mendocino, Napa, Lake and Sonoma counties. You can specify a county or let your donation go into a general fund. I know from experience with the 2015 Lake County fires that the RCU expends all the monies on people who need help. You can also help by buying and drinking wine country wines, and I’m not being sarcastic. Well, once you’ve bought it you don’t have to drink it, I guess, but it would be wasteful not to.

Books and Writing:

The Astrid Lindgren Awards acknowledge books for young people, with the largest cash prize of any children’s prize. The nominees for 2018 are announced. Lindgren is best known for her fictional creation, Pippi Longstocking.

Today is the last day for the SFWA Humble Bundle. (Yes, I did cover this item last week, but it’s too good to miss.)

Armand Balthasar’s first YA novel had an interesting quest before finding a publisher.

Elaborately carved rose petal pumpkin.

Elaborately carved rose petal pumpkin.

The writer managed to get some agreements that surprised me, like the publisher agreeing that they would publish all three books in the trilogy. Probably his connection to powerhouse film studio Pixar didn’t hurt.  Richly illustrated text novels seem to be a difficult sell in US; any opinions on this?

And sometimes, being connected with the movie industry is not such a good thing. Thanks, Harvey Weinstein.

Because it’s October, we need scary stories! And Tor.com has some to share; a column of folk horror by Cullen Bunn.

“There is only one Olive Garden but it has a thousand doors,” wrote Helen Rosner in an essay about the eatery. And through those doors poured a flood of Olive Garden fan fic, as Rosner hosted a contest. Buon Apetito!

I was tempted to put this is a category like Science, but… it’s a book. And it looks like a funny one.

Movies and TV:

Black Girl Nerds is excited to see Sirens, Freeform’s new series debuting in March, 2018.

The Mary Sue shares an interview with Luke Evans who plays William Marston in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which takes a pretty clear-eyed look at Marston’s plural marriage with two women and his fascination with bondage.

The Girl With All the Gifts was a great book, and it is probably a great movie, but it’s hard to find here in the US. Syfy shares what it knows about this groundbreaking zombie flick.

Here’s the latest TV spot for Thor: Ragnarok (with a cameo by Doctor Strange!)

IO9 introduces this beautiful, melancholy animated feature. It’s about 11:00 minutes long and it is almost meditative. The Fox and the Whale is by Robin Joseph and Kim Leow. No, I don’t know why the fox has fire and knows how to use tools, and I don’t particularly care. I recommend watching this on full screen on the largest screen you have, probably with headphones.


Ars Technica reviews Twilight Imperium v4, and they like it. It sounds daunting, though!


The fact that characters spelling out the name of god in Arabic show up on Viking clothing is really not that surprising, since there’s plenty of evidence some Vikings had

A sneering pumpkin face, a node to the traditional.

A sneering pumpkin face, a node to the traditional.

swords made of Persian steel, but it’s more proof that the folks before us got out and about more than we give them credit for.

Scientists are using seismic measuring devices to figure out exactly what makes Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone so reliable.

This time of year the internet is filled to bursting with carved pumpkins, so I thought I’d share some.

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