WWWednesday: October 10, 2018


The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association announced the Aurora awards on October 6. Fonda Yee won for Best Novel with Jade City and tied for best YA novel with Exo. File 770 has the full list.


Locus Magazine has a report on this year’s DragonCon.

The 13th Doctor with Companions Yaz (l) and Ryan (r) (c)BBC America 2018

The 13th Doctor with Companions Yaz (l) and Ryan (r) (c)BBC America 2018

Books and Writing:

An ancient library was unearthed in Cologne, Germany.

Kelly Link won a MacArthur Genius Grant.

I included this Publishers Weekly editorial because it was thought-provoking, not because I agree with it. In fact, I think many premises within it are highly questionable. Publishing executives are “right-brained and creative?” And “There are reader reviews—good ones and bad ones—that signal a book’s quality from a customer’s perspective, rather than from the perspective of a doting friend of the author.” Who does he think writes Amazon reviews?

And here’s a definition of metadata; it’s data about the data and that’s a recursive as I’m willing to get right now.

For October, LitHub wants to share horror stories written by women. I think we all know that Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is not horror, it’s science fiction, but it’s still a good list.

Kate Atkinson considers authors reviewing other writers “a callous art.”


The 13th Doctor Builds her own Sonic. (c) BBC America 2018

The 13th Doctor Builds her own Sonic. (c) BBC America 2018

This poem by Nicole Zimmerman appeared in Birdland Journal, a regional poetry and literary magazine that celebrates northern coastal California. Zimmerman’s poem collages words found from news sources and GoFundMe sites to create a mosaic of last year’s firestorms, and the gradual recovery.

Locus has news on new releases due out in October and November. And so do we! Check out our New Release page too.

TV and Movies:

HBO prepares to launch a series based on Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. Apparently The Business Insider doesn’t realize that the original material was more super-anti-hero than superhero. Still, it could be good, right?

"Will they like us?" Ran and Yaz wonder. (c)BBC America 2018

“Will they like us?” Ryan and Yaz wonder. (c)BBC America 2018

Jodie Whittaker “fell to earth” this week as the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who. She landed in Sheffield, England, with a longer episode that, while it was adequate science fiction, was a perfect introduction to the new character and the show. IGN liked it overall. Variety seemed to like it although they couldn’t get past “The Doctor is a woman!” (I know that’s the point, but I wish they would at least act cool about it.) so far, the critics on Rotten Tomatoes seem to like it too.

Still more Doctor Who; here’s how they came up with that particular costume.

A new Birds of Prey film is in development. And Den of Geek says the villain will be Black Mask.

I debated posting this because it is the opposite of “upbeat.” This is a Daily Beast interview with Stan Lee and his handlers, which purports to “set the record straight” about the many strange allegations of elder abuse, sexual harassment, financial abuse and embezzlement of the Lee estate. You will decide for yourself whether this clears things up.


Iceland would prefer you not buy a whole bunch of bottled water in plastic bottle while you’re visiting their beautiful, friendly country. The surge in tourism is putting the environment at risk, and Iceland’s water is some of the purist in the world. (Hot water in Reykjavik often has a faint sulfur odor because it comes from the active geothermal fields.)

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here is a tango flash mob. It’s just over six minutes long and I found it encouraging and peaceful.

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