WWWednesday: June 13, 2018

California Long-tailed weasel. (c) Marion Deeds 2018

California Long-tailed weasel. (c) Marion Deeds 2018


The antics at ConCarolinas have now spilled over to DragonCon, resulting in the firing and resignation, respectively, of two different staffers. Richard Fife is one of them and he put a statement regarding his resignation on his blog. (Thanks to File 770.)

Books and Writing:

Junot Diaz has been asked to relinquish his position as chair of the Pulitzer Prize Committee after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct were made. Diaz is keeping his editorial position at the Boston Review, even though some other editors have resigned in protest.

The Royal Society of Literary Fellows has added a couple of writers who use fantastical elements to their roster in 2018, among them, Neil Gaiman and Mohsin Hamid.

Kameron Hurley compares story-telling to gardening in this month’s column for Locus.

Publishers Weekly says that Hollywood is starting to mine the online writing community spaces like Wattpad for new properties.

Ballentine Bantam Dell will be publishing George R.R. Martin’s prequel to  ASONG OF ICE AND FIRE series, Fire and Blood, in November, 2018.

The UK Guardian reviews a graphic novel by  artist/writer Nick Drnaso.

New Releases:

I see that Seanan McGuire has a new book, The Girl in the Green Silk Gown, coming out in mid-July. That looks intriguing.  Check out new releases here.

Movies and TV:

Heriditary gets the creepiness just right according to this review.

Ant Man and Wasp opens on July 6. Here’s the latest trailer.

Marvel Studios has issued a series of posters commemorating ten years in business. I love the Rocket Raccoon one!

The Incredibles 2 opens this Friday!

In other Pixar news, Brad Bird is apparently not thrilled with the idea of making a sequel to either Ratatouille or The Iron Giant.

In still more Pixar news, John Lasseter will leave the studio at the end of 2018, due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Are movie studios so starved for original content that they are reduced to answering questions no one was asking? Syfy Fangrrls think so.

A weasel prowling for an unsuspecting gopher. (c) 2018 Marion Deeds

A weasel prowling for an unsuspecting gopher. (c) 2018 Marion Deeds

Caution: Spoilers. This Hollywood Reporter article discusses the evolution of the character of Akacheta in Westworld, and a deeper explanation of the Ghost Nation, in Season Two.


Kotaku’s reviewers enjoyed Bioware’s new game, Anthem.


On the blog Whatever, John Scalzi and his daughter Athena are experimenting with a podcast. On this inaugural experiment they discuss Deadpool Two. Caution; Spoilers.

Ars Technica live-blogs this year’s E3 game and software show.

What was early cosplay like? This article discusses the costume contests at early WorldCons.

On Stephen Colbert, Tig Notaro confesses that she doesn’t understand a single word that she speaks on the show. She also invites Stephen Colbert to join her on the show!


Scientists think they have discovered the source of microwave emissions from within the Milky Way. Spoiler alert: It’s nano-diamonds.

Weasel in mid-leap. (c) 2018 Marion Deeds

In mid-leap. (c) 2018 Marion Deeds


California long-tailed weasels have colonized the regional park near my house, and they are happily hunting down and eating the gophers who live there. They are fascinating to watch and have developed their own fan club of photographers, including me. The provide hours of free entertainment, and every once in a while the local red-tailed steals a dead gopher from an enterprising weasel. Everyone wins except the gophers. Anyway, the photos are mine. The blurriness is caused by the lens extender (I wasn’t using a tripod).

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