WWWednesday: July 18, 2018

I am slammed with deadlines, so it’s a short column today. Besides, it’s summer! Don’t you kids ever go outside and play? 


StokerCon 2020 will be held in the UK. Apparently, this will be the first time since the convention’s founding that it will be held there. File under Only Slightly Ironic. (h/t to File 770.)


The David Gemmell awards were presented last week, with Best Novel going to Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb (which we loved).

The Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award was announced on July 13. What I love about this award is that it brings an older, often-forgotten author to new attention. The winner was Frank M. Robinson. That’s great, but I have to say I think his movie adaptations are terribly dated.

Books and Writing:

The Horror Writers Association revived (reanimated?) its YA horror blog on Friday, July 13, an appropriate date.

On the Green Man Review site, Cat Rambo tells us she has begun reviewing furry fiction. I did not know there was a subgenre by that name. I think furries in this context are people who are a genetic mixture of human and other mammal (I think?). Anyway, there are some good names here, like Ursula Vernon, and some intriguing titles.

Daw books is currently open to full manuscripts.


The most expensive movie ever made in China, supposedly, is an epic failure, pulled from cinemas after only three days. Maybe Solo; a Star Wars Story doesn’t feel so bad now.


When you are a famous mascot of a vast retail chain, and that chain declares bankruptcy, what do you do? If you’re Geoffrey the Giraffe of Toys “R” Us fame, you reinvent yourself as a fixture at a children’s hospital. Geoffrey, the sixteen-foot fiberglass giraffe sculpture, started his second career at the Bristol-Meyers Squibbs Children’s Hospital at the Robert Wood Johnson University. I felt ridiculously optimistic after I read this story.

IO9 shares a fan-vid that encompasses the growing family of Steven Universe.

This comes from File 770 and technically it should go under Awards. Check Wendig is hosting an Awkward Author Photo contest on his blog. Click through to Tumblr, and don’t forget to vote.

You know I’m obsessed with crows. Here’s a Youtube video of an Australian crow, which makes an unusual sound. The video is a little longer than it needs to be, but you’ll get the gist in the first minute.


The troubled game based on the Friday the 13th  franchise has been indefinitely retired, in a move that seems startlingly recursive and self-referential. (The game is cursed! Cursed, I tell you!) Kotaku has the long history of the game here.

From June, this is a spoilerish review of Until Dawn, which reviewer Stacie enjoyed.

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