WWWednesday: February 28, 2018

This week’s word for Wednesday is the verb famigerate, which means to report news from abroad.

Books and Writing:

Inside Area X from Annihilation, Paramount Studios

Inside Area X from Annihilation, Paramount Studios

Speculative memoir? Just what is that? Sofia Samatar hosts a discussion on memoir that contains aspects of speculative fiction. (h/t to File 770.)

National Geographic Kids book division is expanding into fiction. The new imprint is called Under the Stars.

Lion Forge, which specialized in comic books, is expanding into picture books with its new imprint, Cubhouse. I love the title Oothar the Blue!

Amy Chua’s new book, Political Tribes, discusses the power of tribal identity and how much is still drives international politics.

World-building 101; there was a sizeable minority of Africans living in England during the Tudor period, and they were free, and had many if not all of the rights of citizenship. Miranda Kaufmann’s book Black Tudors expands on the lives of ten Africans living in Tudor England.

Kerfuffle de Jour:

Author Terry Goodkind poked fun at the cover of his new book on Facebook, basically saying “Great book; terrible cover.” The cover artist is Bastien Lecouffe Deharme. (You can see some of his work here.) Other writers commented that they found Goodkind’s behavior unprofessional. (Note; this is a new-release, not a cover from the 1990s or earlier, which we use in our “Rename This Terrible cover” columns.) Goodkind argued back, but eventually offered an apology to the artist, which seemed mostly to shift the blame to the publisher.

Writer Mark Lawrence had a blog post that highlighted some of the artist in question’s previous work.

Storm Reid as Meg Murray in Disney Studios's A Wrinkle in Time. No connection to a story; I just liked it.

Storm Reid as Meg Murray in Disney Studios’s A Wrinkle in Time. No connection to a story; I just liked it.


Syfy Fangrrls offer up a collection of with strangest SFF-themed photoshoots of the 1990s. At first I laughed over the Star Trek; Voyager shoot where they are hyping electronics… but then I reached the X-Files one, and I didn’t know whether to laugh, cover my eyes, or simply stare and say “Oh…em… gee.”

File770 discovered a life sized replica of Dr. Strange in a food court in China. Strange indeed (and, actually, a little creepy.)

If, like me, you lie awake nights thinking, “But where can I spend my Bitcoin?” this article gives us a place: Switzerland.

Movies and TV:

Because Science theorizes on how vibranium, Marvel’s magic metal that both Black Panther’s suit and Captain America’s shield is built from, works.

Warning:  I think this is funny and informative, but since he is talking about superhero movies, he talks a lot about bullets. I realize some people will not want to listen to that right now.

Annihilation, based on the first book of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy, opened last week. BBC liked it; The New Yorker really, really didn’t like it. Vulture liked it, but sees its flaws.

Science and Tech:

Przewalski's Horses, (c) NatGeo Kids

Przewalski’s Horses, (c) NatGeo Kids

Who knew the ancestry of the horse was so complex and interesting? This Ars Technica article talks about new findings that challenge the canon on the development of the horse and its domestication.

Babcock Ranch is the off-the-grid, fully sustainable, green town of the future, and parts of it are here now. Developer former NFL player Syd Kitson is going forward full bore on his southwest Florida living laboratory. What do you think?

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