Quite a few video clips this week! 

Books and Writing:

NPR reviews the graphic novel Parallel Lines by Oliver Schrauwen.

Snow Queen by Vladislav Erko (c) Vladislav Erko

Snow Queen by Vladislav Erko (c) Vladislav Erko


Sarahmay Wilkinson shares the pleasure, and process, of developing a book cover for a debut writer.

Scribner and Sons will retire its Touchstone imprint, and Susan Moldow, the president of Touchstone, will retire, both at the end of the year. Touchstone’s genre properties will move to Atria and Galaxy.

Have you ever heard of What Not, by Rose Macauley? I haven’t, and now I really want to read it. Apparently, although it was functionally banned within months of its original publication in 1918, it will be republished in 2019.

Inverse would like your opinion on the best real-life science in science fiction that you read this year. They are collecting opinions through the month of December.

Movies and TV:

Yes, Marvel and Disney dropped the trailer for Avengers 4 last Friday—and the name of the movie is supposedly The Avengers 4: Endgame.

And, Starz released the trailer for Season Two of American Gods. Hey, finally! We’re at the House on the Rock!

Over on File 770, Carl Slaughter discusses Daredevil, which Netflix just cancelled.


On Youtube, Quinton reviews and profiles a 1990s Doctor Who knockoff. This is surprisingly interesting! My only question is “Borderline con artist? Borderline?”

Brian May, formerly of Queen, currently an astrophysicist, will play a song he wrote just of the occasion as New Horizons completes a fly-by of the Kuiper Belt object Ultime Thule, on January 1, 2019.

More gift suggestions for the nerds in your life.

Business Insider’s list of Star Wars themed gifts range from silly to kind of charming, and from affordable to outrageous. You’ll need to disable AdBlocker for this site.

Do people still know about the Rockettes? Well, this year for Christmas, they will be dancing with flashing drones. I love the scene of them “rehearsing” with the drones.

For No Reason Whatsoever:

Here is a flamenco troupe; or a high-end men’s fashion runway show. Either way, it’s mesmerizing.


Valdislav Erko is a Ukrainian artist, educated in Russia, who is best known as an illustrator. You can read more about him here. Thanks to Terri Windling who included some of his work on Twitter.