WWWednesday: August 8, 2018

The Future is Blue (c) Galen Dara 2014

The Future is Blue (c) Galen Dara 2014


The Dragon Awards ballot was announced. This site describes the process for voting. Voting ends on 9/1/18. (Thanks to File 770.)


Mary Robinette Kowal stepped in to help the WorldCon 76 Committee with their programming issues. She blogs about it here.

Books and Writing:

The Guardian provides a roundup of reviews of new science fiction. They also recommend 10 graphic novels.

Here’s an unpopular, but probably honest, take; not everyone does have “a book in them.” Not every story is a book. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write! It just means you probably won’t dethrone Stephen King.

A story of a bad agent—or maybe not an agent at all – was in publishing news this week. A contingent of children’s and YA writers are shining a bright light on Danielle Smith, the agent who claimed to represent them but apparently never submitted their work to editors. She also told at least two writers about publishers’ acceptances and contract that did not exist.

Black Girl Nerds review Mapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones.

Camestros Felapton reviews the Netflix adult animated show Final Space.

Raise your hand if you or someone you know pracices tsundoku, the art of buying books you’re probably never going to read.

TV and Movies:

Here’s the trailer for Darkest Minds. I think it was released last week.

Some of us can’t get enough of Orphan Black, even though it ended a year ago. Syfy Fangrrls take a look at how wardrobe helped Tatiana Maslany inhabit the various (14?) distinct characters she played over the five years of the series.

Houdini (c) Galen Dara 2018

Houdini (c) Galen Dara 2018

Warning, spoilers. The name of this IO9 article is Morning Spoilers, and they are serious. It’s mostly about casting though.


I put this under tech, but it could also go under Books and Writing. Ars Technica is hosting Robin Sloan, author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and Sourdough, while he talks about using a program to help you write your science fiction novel. The program completes your partial sentence from a databank of sentences from classic science fiction works. This sounds a lot like what people were doing with their predictive text on Twitter a little while back. Fun, and probably not the best way to write a book. The live event will be held today, August 8, in San Francisco, but Ars Technica will have a video available in two weeks.


The Escapist is reawakening after a haitus.

The Mind is one of the most popular tabletop games of the year, but is it a game?

Uncanny Magazine Issue 23 (c) Galen Dara 2018

Uncanny Magazine Issue 23 (c) Galen Dara 2018


Asgardia is a utopian meritocratic society where science is primary, religion is banned, everyone starts off equally… and the “head of nation” can dissolve Parliament at any time and “some information” is controlled by the government for the general good. Oh, and it’s on a space ark. What could possibly go wrong? You can join this society, because it isn’t fiction, exactly. The BBC tells you more.

Chris Noessel thinks there are important questions we haven’t asked ourselves about AI. He provides a complex infographic poster on those things here.


When in doubt, build a moat! Or invest in a flock of noisy, territorial geese. This Guardian UK article shows farmers in rural Great Britain reverting to medieval methods to protect their farms, livestock and equipment from theft, due to an upswing in rural property crimes.


Today’s beautiful images are courtesy of Galen Dara, who most recently did the cover art and illustrations for Catherynne Valente’s The Future is Blue. Even more of Dara’s gorgeous work can be seen here

The Future is Blue (c) Galen Dara 2014

The Future is Blue (c) Galen Dara 2014





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