World Wide Wednesday: Malazan Goodness and a Meme with Relish!

Well, I don’t know about our worldwide readers, but over here in the UK we’ve lost our wonderful summer weather that just invites you to take a book down to the beach and spend the day immersed in your favourite fantasy world. Hopefully you are experiencing the weather you like best to read by, wherever you are!

And, by the way, I am trying something new today – no pics in WWW to see whether I can help speed up the site a little. Pics are nice, but the words are more important!

1) Nightshade

This first entry comes courtesy of Adventures in Reading – a description of the showdown between Nightshade and some of its authors. Aidan from A Dribble of Ink then updates us with a statement from Nightshade. Hopefully this is a good start to resolving the issue!

2) Malazan Goodness!

Bill and I – two of your friendly FanLit reviewers – are being hosted for the foreseeable future over at for a Malazan Re-read. Yes, we’re officially mad! Bookmark the link to the Index, and join us in our discussions of the Prologue and Chapter 1 so far. Chapters 2 and 3 will be up later today! A Fantasy Reader gives us a few other tidbits of Malazan news.

3) Another Babel Clash Mash-up

In a regular feature authors are invited to Babel Clash – the current incumbents are Mark Chadbourn and Justina Robson, who have been having some very interesting conversations relating to why science fiction is the poor neighbour, what makes a book real and when the die hards meet the Twihards.

4) What SF/F Stories Should Become Lego Construction Sets?

John over at Grasping for the Wind often asks the most pertinent questions of the blogosphere – this question is one of the most serious and thought-provoking *snark*. It is, at the very least, amusing and makes me want to buy some of these non-existent Lego sets!

5) Deficiencies in online book discussions

This one feels very pertinent thanks to the start of the Malazan re-read I’ve embarked on, and the way we are asking readers to contribute their own thoughts – Larry talks about online book discussions, and the ways in which they are apt to fail.

6) Meme With Relish

Not sure where the name comes from, and why this is done with relish, but the latest meme doing the rounds of various book blogs is an interesting one and proves both revealing and personal.

7) How U Rite Grrl??

In his own inimitable style, Mr Sykes brings us a blog post on how to write female characters in fantasy fiction. Genuinely thoughtful, despite the title!

8) Female authors in speculative fiction

Linked to number seven vaguely is this post about female authors writing in the speculative fiction field – hands up who does read more male authors than female? Hopefully this post will give you some ideas about which female authors to tackle.

9) It is coming…. It is here!

A number of us have been getting excited about new release ‘The Passage’ by Justin Cronin – Keith B Walters brings us his take on a signing/reading session done by Justin. Exciting, non?

10) War! What is it good for?

Finally Juliet E McKenna (one of those aforementioned female authors writing in the speculative fiction field – and doing a damn good job of it) guest blogs on the nature of war.

And that’s your lot, folks!

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