World Wide Wednesday

Hello everyone! Thanks for once more directing your mouse towards FanLit and giving us love — now I am going to direct your mouse towards those stories that have been floating around on the Internet in the last week or so!

1) A New Language
Adam Whitehead, amongst others, brings us the story that the HBO Game of Thrones production team have commissioned the Language Creation Society to develop the Dothraki language.

2) When do you put a book down?

The new Speculative Book Review team have started writing articles as well as the indepth book reviews and interviews we’ve seen so far – in the latest, they ask us: when do you decide that the book you are reading is not for you? The comments on this article are just as interesting to read — how about you hop over there and add your own take on it?fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

3) Tie-In Fiction

Mark Charan Newton is a familiar name by now to those who follow the World Wide Wednesday posts closely — I can’t help it, the man just generates discussion! His latest concerns tie-in fiction after the announcement that Graham McNeill’s Empire (a novel set in the Warhammer universe) had been shortlisted for the Gemmell Award — what do you think about tie-in fiction?

4) Stephen King readers

This one is just a shout out to set your blog readers to Stephen’s Lot — in an ambitious undertaking, one reader is aiming to chronicle his way through all of Stephen King‘s published work. I’ll let Adam explain in his own words!

5) 15 Years of Voyager

Voyager Books are celebrating 15 years of publishing some top quality speculative fiction — bringing us such genre giants as George R R Martin and Raymond E Feist and introducing us to some great new authors such as Blake Charlton. Check out the Voyager website for their 15 year trailer to join the celebrations (great giveaway over there as well!)

6) Science Fiction for Fantasy Buffs

As part of the sci fi appreciation month over at Walker of Worlds (as previously highlighted on an edition of WWW) he invited John Ottinger III in to discuss those science fiction books he feels would be great for fantasy buffs. This is a great way to dip your toe into the world of sci fi if you haven’t yet had a go.

7) Poetry in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Graeme Flory confesses that poetry in fantasy and science fiction makes him glaze over! Head over and join the discussion on his blog — do you hate it or is that your favourite part of The Lord of the Rings?

8) Are bookstores killing themselves?

Cara talks about the invisibility of speculative fiction in her local bricks and mortar bookstore, and wonders whether bookstores are killing themselves. Does she have a point? How do you go about purchasing most of your books? In a happy coincidence, The Mad Hatter is also discussing how he purchases books.fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

9) The Black Prism

In our first edition of World Wide Wednesday we brought you the artwork for The Black Prism, the new book by Brent Weeks. The guy with his finger on the pulse — Aidan Moher — provides some handy free reading of the first three chapters so you can judge if this is a book you’d like to read on its release!

10) Vampire Week!

And finally a quick heads up to the fact that the lovely Wondrous Reads is hosting a vampire week over at her blog from 19th to 24th April — anyone who has an interest in our fanged friends of fiction should make sure you have Wondrous Reads added to your blog reader.

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