Today I take you down a road that goes from boinking mermaids to getting arrested at a Russian zombie parade, and everything in between. This proved to be one of the most interesting WWW ever. So check it out and leave a comment. In the coming weeks, if you find something interesting you think everyone should read, drop me a line via the contact form and let me know, or just post it below. Let’s get started:

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews1) How to Have Sex with a Mermaid (slightly NSFW): Stranded at sea? Surrounded by hot mermaids, but too embarrassed to ask the needful questions? Well no more! Io9 has totally got your back. This comprehensive guide to making love to fish ladies will solve your problems.

2) Writers and Illustrators of the Future Honored at 27th L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards: Regardless of how you feel about it’s namesake, the “of the Future” series and awards has given a career launching platform for many a new writer. Congratulations to all.

3) Guest Posting Abounds on A Dribble of Ink Blog: Aidan’s been on Honeymoon since the 5th. He has invited several guest bloggers to fill in. To say that we have been treated to some very good articles while he’s been gone is an understatement. Head over there and read them all.

4) A science fiction author blogs his battle with cancer: An article about Jay Lake and the chronicling of his battle withfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews cancer.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews5) Photo Essay of a Russian Zombie Parade (a bit NSFW – Blood and gore effects): I never thought I’d be able to post a link to English Russia, which happens to be one of my favorite blogs. 3 pages of hi-res images of a parade of zombies in Moscow. Looked like fun, though a few unlucky creatures were hauled for unlawful assembly.

6) Author Pirates Copies Of Own Books To Put Them In E-book Format: Walter Jon Williams uses pirates to ease the workload of digitizing his out of print works.