World Wide Wednesday: Happy Birthday FanLit!

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsOkay, gang, time to buckle up ready for another thrilling ride on the ‘coaster that is World Wide Wednesday! Since I am aching and tired from a three day weekend playing field hockey, this will not be the scintillating prose you usually receive from me: I’ll be back to my sparkling best next Wednesday, promise!

Oh, and: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FanLit! As of yesterday, we’re 3 years old — thanks for reading!!

1) Save Realms of Fantasy!

This first mention is for Realms of Fantasy, a glossy magazine currently threatened by lack of subscriptions. In my opinion, us genre fans should be falling over ourselves trying to keep speculative fiction magazines open. Many of our favorite authors got started by writing short fiction for magazines. Take a look at Realms of Fantasy and consider a subscription. You can get Realms of Fantasy delivered to your Kindle, too (you can sample it first, of course).fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

2) Don’t Put My Book in the African American Section…

NK Jemisin (author of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms) has noticed that in certain locations her book is being marketed as that of an African American author, rather than as a fantasy author, and she has words to say about it!fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

3) Morals and values and lessons, oh my!

I found an interesting little Q&A session with YA authors about how much they consider morals and values when writing their novels for impressionable teenagers (and younger). This is a good look at whether YA authors should bear this in mind while crafting their novels.

4) Angry Robot Books New Publishing Schedule

We reported not too long back about the acquisition of Angry Robot Books, which has affected their publishing schedule. Recently they have revealed their new publishing schedule, including US/Canada releases.

5) Top Ten Awful Romantic Cliches

I enjoyed this little rundown of the top ten awful romantic cliches from Babbling about Books so I’m bringing it to you!

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews6) Publishing Apocalypse

Our favourite Speculative Scot talks about the nature of publishing right now, and whether we really are facing the end of publishing as we know it.

7) Short Story Appreciation Month

All the way through May Gav at Next Read hosted a short story appreciation month, which garnered guest reviews from editors, authors and fellow bloggers as well as Gav’s own reviews. He has posted a handy little summary of all the reviews that were posted in May, and I urge you to have a look – I’ve already noted some new authors I am planning to pick up off the back of this!

8) Del Toro departs The Hobbit

Many of us have been following the progress of The Hobbit movie with great interest, and here is a new development: Guillermo Del Toro has quit as director and MAY be replaced by Peter Jackson. Wert has the story!

9) Full Moon!fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Themed monthly postings do seem to be all the rage – and Dark Fiction Review has recently kick-started a Werewolf Month, comprising book and film reviews, articles and interviews. Jump on board from the beginning!

10) The Mad Hatter talks to The Editor

The Mad Hatter has Lou Anders of Pyr in the hotseat! (Our apologies to Mr. Anders about the hat. We just love Photoshop!)

Is that 10? *squints* It appears to be – but on this occasion, since we do like the madness of Sam Sykes on FanLit, I’ve decided to add a teeny tiny further entry: Sam Sykes meets John Scalzi!

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