I’m standing in for Justin again today because his first child, Amarani Sedah Blazier, was born a couple of days ago. I thought that, as a way to welcome Baby Blazier, we could create a list of essential speculative fiction that Amarani must have on her bookshelves. Her parents can use our list as a wish list for birthdays and Christmas.fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Here are the rules: You may add up to 5 books to each category of our list:

1. Preschool (ages 0-4)

2. Early Readers (ages 5-8)

3. Middle Grade (ages 9-12)

4. Young Adult (ages 13+)

Your additions do not need to be different from what other commenters have suggested. Duplicates are welcome — that will just indicate how essential that book is.

Please indicate which category your book choices go under and offer an explanation for each of the books you suggest. Is it a classic which any young SFF reader must read to be educated in SFF? Is it an award-winner? Is it the best book you remember reading when you were that age? Let us know why it’s on your list. After we’re finished, we should have a nice wish list for Justin!

As usual, one commenter will win a book from our stacks.


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