Magravandias — (1998-2001) Publisher: Where the wild mountains of Caradore, in the northernmost part of Magravandias, reach the ocean, there the sea dragons make their mournful lament … The emperor, seeking the powers and ancient wisdom granted to the Palindrakes by the sea dragons, forces them to submit to a rite that surrenders their heritage to the fire god Madragore. Though the emperor has succeeded in subjugating the family, a secret female sect keeps alive the memory of the old magic until the time comes for a new Sea Dragon Heir to reclaim the powers of his ancestors. Now, three generations on, the twins Pharinet and Valraven Palindrake are about to discover their mystical heritage.

storm constantine magravandias sea dragon heirstorm constantine magravandias the crown of silence reviewstorm constantine magravandias the way of light

Stand-alone novels:

storm constantine burying the shadow Burying the Shadow — (1992) Publisher: Rayojini lives an idyllic life amongst the soulscapers of Taparak until she reaches the age at which she will be initiated into their ranks. Her initiation rite, though it follows the traditional pattern of thousands of others, is different in one vital respect. The guardian-pursuers that are invoked to watch over Rayojini’s progress are real. In far off Sacramante, the artisans who are patronised by the upper echelons of Bochanegran society, live in isolated atelier courts. The public may watch performances at chosen times, but only the patron families have constant access to the astounding creations of the eloim artists. The eloim themselves are more than content to remain a race apart, for so they are, and if the majority were to know their true nature, their lives would be forfeit. After eons of contented cohabitation, a phenomenon known as the Fear is beginning to infect the eloim, who have previously considered themselves free from the petty psychological problems of humanity. They have been virtually immortal-thanks to the protection of the patrons, who exchange their life’s blood for culture-but now the artisans are beginning to die in despair. Gimel and Beth Metatronim, an actress and a painter, set out to find a Tappish soulscaper, who will be proficient enough to enter the racial soulscape of the eloim, track down the cause of the Fear and eradicate it. The soulscaper of their choice, Rayojini, is puzzled that her guardian pursuers should be so much more real than those of other soulscapers. Then, as she delves deeper into the cause of the terrible ‘non-death’, a mysterious affliction akin to the Fear, their attentions become unavoidable.

storm constantine sign for the sacred reviewSign for the Sacred — (1993) Publisher: Lucien is a vibrancer of the Church of Ixmarity, dedicated since childhood to an enslaved life of religious dance… until he meets Jeopardy. Cleo is a child-bride of a poisoner, until one of Jeopardy’s offspring is brought to her home for disposal and she falls in love with both the child and his father… Jeopardy. Delilah is orphaned when a berserker named Trajan attacks and kills everyone in her village. She is the only one who is immune to the plague that Trajan carries, and promises to watch over him as he returns to the sanctuary… of Jeopardy. Dauntless Javelot is a chivalrous knight of Ixmarity on his last campaign… until he joins Cleo on her journey to seek Jeopardy. Lord Pliance is a courtly vampire who accompanies the pilgrims in the hopes for a cure… from Jeopardy. And as they all seek the elusive Jeopardy, they are haunted by a ruthless adversary. Wilfish Implexion is an ecclesiarch in the Church of Ixmarity. Threatened by the power of the pagan Jeopardites, he will use any means possible to kill their prophet… Jeopardy! And what of Resenence Jeopardy himself? Is he all that he seems? What is the secret of his charismatic power… and what will he decide to do with it?

storm constantine review calentureCalenture — (1994) Publisher: Casmeer is the only living soul left in Thermidore, high atop the mountains of Overhang. So it has been for hundred of years. Immortal historian and chronicler, Casmeer is the self-appointed keeper of the city’s remains and its crystalline inhabitants. Finnigin is a young terranaut, whose people collect the crystal fragments from Thermidore that wash down from the mountains to use as pilot stones to guide the floating cities across the Flatlands. Finnigin is forced to leave his people on an initiation of manhood, to journey across the plains and confront the mystery of the pilot stones. Ays is a Priest of Hands, a consoler to the dying, in the floating city of Min. His faith shaken by the words of a dying man, he undertakes a journey of his own, and leaves his floating city to face the unknown on the Flatlands. But as both Ays and Finnigin travel throughout their world, they are huanted by a mysterious figure who seems to know more about them than they dofantasy and science fiction book reviews themselves. And as Ays and Finnigin cross paths, they find their lives linked in ways they could not have imagined. While in Thermidore, Casmeer, the last immortal, has one last chronicle to write.

Thin Air — (1999) Publisher: Against her better judgement, music journalist Jay falls in love with Dex: a rock star with a conscience and “screw-you” persona. She becomes used to his disappearing for days, but when the days turn into months she fears she may never see him again. Then she hears rumours that he has been spotted.