fantasy and science fiction book reviewsMetrophage — (1988) Publisher: Welcome to Los Angeles..where anger, hunger and disease run rampant, and life and hope are strictly rationed. This is Jonny’s world. He’s a street-wise hustler, a black-market dealer in drugs that heal the body and cool the mind. All he cares about is his own survival. Until a strange new plague turns L.A. into a city of death — and Jonny is forced to put everything on the line to find the cure. If it can be found on earth.Richard Kadrey Kamikaze L'Amour

Kamikaze L’Amour — (1995) Publisher: In a science fiction novel about love and experimental music, technology and rain forests, humanity and the United States, rock sensation Ryder fakes his own suicide and journeys to the rain forest — but San Francisco is not what he expected.


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