fantasy and science fiction book reviewsFright Line — (1989)

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsThe Vampire’s Apprentice — (1992) Publisher: From acclaimed horror and fantasy writer Richard Lee Byers comes a reissue of a classic vampire tale. Awakening embalmed and buried in his own grave, David Brent claws his way to the surface to find himself transformed, a walking corpse abandoned by his mentor and tortured by relentless thirst. This is not what Carter, the charming vampire, promised before turning him. Where is Carter now, and who will teach David how to feed his insatiable hunger, use his new immortal powers, and stay out of harm’s way? Abandoned and betrayed, dead to everyone he’s ever loved, David loathes and fears his savage new existence, but his rage won’t let him perish. An inhabitant of the darkness, a bloodthirsty, night-stalking monster, David finds his own way, teaching himself the answers to the ancient mysteries he is now heir to . . . and when he finally masters his many powers, David goes looking for Carter.

DeadtimeDead Time — (1992) Publisher: Three weeks have passed since his sister Cheryl’s murder at the hands of a serial killer, and now Jack is getting his wish — to go back in time to warn Cheryl. Dark Fortune

Dark Fortune — (1993) Publisher: A trip to a curio shop, and a visit with a Tarot card-reading fortune teller, gives Reverend Carpenter the power to heal, but the power has deadly consequences.


fantasy and science fiction book reviewsBlind God’s Bluff: A Billy Fox Novel — (2013) Publisher: Ante up for the game of a lifetime! Billy Fox, a small-time gambler on a losing streak, has more than enough problems on his hands, owing too much money to some very impatient people. But when he rescues a blinded stranger from a swarm of bloodthirsty fairies, Billy’s life gets a lot more complicated. . . . Seems the stranger is actually a powerful local god who is involved in a high-stakes Florida poker tournament against various supernatural challengers. And with his eyes currently missing, he needs somebody to take his place at the gaming table. Before Billy knows it, he finds himself playing against the likes of an ancient Egyptian mummy, an unbearably seductive succubus, a mechanical man, an insect queen, and a cannibalistic beast-man. And not just cards are in play; magic, bloodshed, and cheating are not only expected, they’re encouraged. Everybody, including a sexy satyr-girl with her own cards up her sleeve, thinks that Billy is in way over his head. But Billy is a born gambler and, when the chips are down, he might just change his luck for good! Blind God’s Bluff is an outrageously addictive urban fantasy that will keep you flipping pages until the very last hand.