Resurrection Katharine KerrResurrection — (1992) Publisher: Resurrected after her mysterious death, former Air Force Captain and pilot Tiffany Owen walks back through the doors to the world in which she died and attempts to restore her lost memory.fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Freeze Frames — (1994) Publisher: The first book of a grand, mystical family saga tells the story of Maggie Corey’s descendants, five generations of mothers and daughters from various imaginary Californias who are stalked and defended by the men around them.


fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsPalace — (1996) With Mark Kreighbaum. Publisher: Bestselling author Katharine Kerr joins with Mark Kreighbaum to present a vivid, alluring and terrifying world of the future.  They call it Palace, the capital of a planet located in a region of space known as the Pinch.  Here a bitter Lep outcast has been hired to murder two humans: Arno, the son of the Master of the Cyberguild, and Vida, a young woman destined for sensual slavery in the Pleasure Sect.  Arno is on the track of strange anomalies in the Map, the cyberspace repository of knowledge.  And Vida has powers that could change Palace forever.  As Arno goes into hiding to escape the assassin, Vida seeks refuge at Government House, the corrupt center of authority, where betrayal is a way of life and death.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsSnare — (2003) Publisher: The author of the beloved Deverry series (Dragonspell, Darkspell, and The Red Wyvern) turns her hand to a new kind of tale. On the planet known as Snare, the descendants of Islamic fundamentalist emigrants have created beautiful enclaves, where they can sit on a patio enjoying green grass and “true-roses,” but the nomadic tribes live in a much harsher landscape. Where the grass is purple, the trees are orange, and the huge and dangerous sentient Cha’Meech lizards roam the landscape. Idres Warkannan and his companions seek to find the only man who can redeem their Islamic civilization from its despotic ruler and restore justice to the population. Zayn Hassan, refugee from the despot’s service, finds himself living among the tribes of the “comnee,” where Healer and Spirit Rider Ammadin, seeing the dangers all around her, is beginning to doubt the gods who are her only protection. To save herself and her people, Ammadin journeys eastward into war, intrigue, and adventure — and finds more than she bargained for on all counts.