Exiles trilogy — (1994-1997) Publisher: A thousand years ago, Mageborns fled prejudice and persecution to colonize the planet Lenfell — pristine, untouched, a perfect refuge for those whose powers were perceived as a threat by people not gifted with magic. But the greater the magic, the greater the peril — and Lenfell was soon devastated by a war between rival Mageborn factions that polluted the land, sea, and air with Wild Magic, and unleashed the hideous specters known as the Wraithenbeasts. Generations after that terrible war, with the land recovered from crippling wounds and the people no longer threatened by genetic damage, Mageborns still practice their craft — but under strict constraints. Yet so long as the rivalry between the Mage Guardians and the Lords of Malerris continues, the threat of another war is ever-present. And someone has been planning such a war for many long years, the final strike in a generations-old bid for total power…

Melanie Rawn fantasy book reviews Exiles: 1. The Ruins of Ambrai 2. The Mageborn Traitor 3. The Captal's TowerMelanie Rawn fantasy book reviews Exiles: 1. The Ruins of Ambrai 2. The Mageborn Traitor 3. The Captal's Tower

SpellBinder (Holly McClure) — (2007-2009) Publisher: Holly McClure has it all: beauty, success, a great apartment in Manhattan, good friends, and a very sexy new boyfriend.  And one more thing… a very rare magical talent. Holly is a witch. There is magic in the big city… literally. New York City has a small, and very discrete, population of witches and wizards and Holly is one of them, though she tries to keep magic out of her daily life. But trouble has come to the City, in the form of a black coven run by a murderous psychopath. And he wants Holly, for the power of her blood. The danger to Holly is extreme. Her passionate affair will be derailed by those who want to drain her for their own purposes, and her dearest friends will be put in peril of their lives. In the end it will be magic against magic, and Holly McClure will have to risk all for life and love.

Melanie Rawn Holly McClure: 1. Spellbinder 2. Fire RaiserMelanie Rawn Holly McClure: 1. Spellbinder 2. Fire Raiser

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