Sunday Status Update: October 23, 2011

Bit of a slow news week this time around…

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Greg: Nothing exciting to report this week; I’ve just finished a review for Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon, which I loved so much that I’m itching to read the next TAKESHI KOVACS novel — Kovacs is just so darn adorable :) — or anything else by Morgan. First I need to finish up Robert McCammon‘s The Hunter from the Woods which is due for release in late November. However my thing is, something about this time of year, Autumn, always puts me the mood for a really good traditional high fantasy. So I’m really considering finally reading  The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, but I still haven’t committed to what my next book in line will be.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Kat: On audio I finally finished Michael Scott’s The Alchemyst — that one took me a while and was disappointing. I also read Charles de Lint’s Moonheart and Richard Matheson’s Steel and Other Stories — both very good reads. I’m now reading John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War which is totally excellent so far. I had no time to sit and read this week, so I have progressed no further on Rod Rees’s The Demi-Monde.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Marion: I found a Carol O’Connell Mallory mystery, Dead Famous, that I hadn’t read. Mallory is a beautiful sociopath who is a detective on NYPD — she pre-dates Dexter by at least a decade. There is nothing “realistic” about her being on the force, but I don’t care, and I read any Mallory book when I find it. This one has an interesting spin on jury tampering, radio shock-jocks, and free speech. Right now I’m about halfway through Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Stefan: This week I’ve been working on Stormed Fortress, the eighth novel in the excellent WARS OF LIGHT AND SHADOW series by Janny Wurts, in anticipation of the new novel Initiate’s Trial, which is due out on Tuesday! I also read The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, a wonderful new novella by Cory Doctorow, and currently I’m reading Scholar, the newest novel in the IMAGER PORTFOLIO by L.E. Modesitt Jr. So many books, so little time!

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Tim: It’s been another busy, busy week for me. I’ve been writing a new seminar on Christopher Marlowe, so I’ve been reading The Jew of Malta and Tamburlaine the Great, but that’s far from the fantasy end of things. I did spend some time earlier this week desperately trying to polish up an old review of Jim Butcher‘s Furies of Calderon but never found the time to finish it up. Beyond that, I did finish up Hearne’s Hounded, which I’m also planning a review for as soon as I’m able. Finally, I’ve continued reading John Haldeman‘s The Forever War.

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  1. Marion, there’s a new Mallory novel by Carol O’Connell due out in January 2012 called THE CHALK GIRL. It’s on my want list for sure.

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