Sunday Status Update: February 5, 2012

A bit of a busy week, it seems, all told…

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Bill: Tough week this time between grading and the craziness of having our dining room and kitchen redone. But I did manage to read Steward O’Nan’s newest, The Odds. It was a slim delight of a novella by one of my favorite current writers; I highly recommend both this book and just about all O’Nan’s work. I’ve also begun Indigo Springs by A.M. Dellamonica, the premise and structure of which I quite like but which isn’t quite grabbing me yet.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Kat: I really enjoyed Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead which was a lot deeper and more complex than Ender’s Game. I’m moving on to book 3 soon. Next I read William Gibson’s story collection called Burning Chrome. A couple of those stories were a bit different from his normal fare, but most of his writing is so stylistically similar that I get tired of it after a while. Lastly, I read Bree Despain’s The Dark Divine. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a paranormal YA romance that I really liked — I only read this one because I got a free audio copy and we needed to get one of her novels reviewed for the site. The Dark Divine had many of the same angsty teenage clichés that this genre always contains, but it also had a few elements that were refreshing.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Marion: I finished Act of Love, my Joe R Lansdale and a review should follow shortly. I set down Breaking Point, the British forensic thriller, about ten pages from the end, because the mystery is solved and I find I don’t care if the main character reunites with his lovely, manipulative lawyer wife. I was so emotionally disengaged by this book that, by not reading the final ten pages, I won’t find out if a key character lived or died — and I don’t care. It has such a good premise, too. Right now I’m about one-third of the way through Chris Humphreys‘s dark YA fantasy The  Fetch.  Not much time for reading this week, but I am in charge of completing  the “budget narrative” for our department, which in some circles would qualify as creative writing.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Terry: It’s been one of those weeks — up until midnight working one night, up until 4:00 a.m. working. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much time for reading. I’m nearing the end of both The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar; and The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells, though, and hope to have reviews of both available relatively soon.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Tim: This week I read Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities for a class, which took up a good chunk of time. I did also have a run at Robert E. Charette‘s A Prince Among Men, which is rather unimpressive so far (and even a bit… well, the word that comes to mind is “sleazy”, and that’s not quite it–nothing so damning), but I have not progressed very far, so perhaps things will improve once the action gets started.

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TIM SCHEIDLER, who's been with us since June 2011, holds a Master's Degree in Popular Literature from Trinity College Dublin. Tim enjoys many authors, but particularly loves J.R.R. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Susanna Clarke. When he’s not reading, Tim enjoys traveling, playing music, writing in any shape or form, and pretending he's an athlete.

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  1. Hélène /

    The “budget narrative” as creative writing : Marion, I do like the way you look at the world! :)

    PS : I couldn’t find the Google Friend Connect. Where has it gone on your page?

  2. Hélène, Google is discontinuing GFC for all non-blogger blogs next month, so we removed it. They are now asking us to use Google+ instead, so if you use that, please add us to a circle. I don’t know how this will work with our commenting — we’ll have to figure that out later. :(

  3. Kieran /

    Tim, I tried to read Prince Among Men a few years back and had the same reaction – there was something oddly sleazy about it. I’ve read more graphic books and it’s not bothered me though, maybe it’s just Charette isn’t very good at sleaze!

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