Sunday Status Update: April 13, 2014

And we fall back on a known character this week.

fantasy and science fiction book reviews Supergirl: So, uh… this week I was at the Fortress of Solitude again, because the Fortress apparently functions as my naughty stool these days. I maintain that if soccer stadiums didn’t want people watching from the Extreme Noseblood seating, they should have closed off the tops. ANYway, since Kal’s afraid Batman or Luthor or someone is going to hack his computer, there’s no internet and an extremely finite collection of films to watch, so I went exploring. Found this in a stack of old Jimmy Olsen photos: I have no words. Although the pope hat would explain a lot about the holier-than-thou thing he’s rocking lately…

fantasy and science fiction book reviews Kat: I’m nearing the end of my semester, so I didn’t get much reading done this week. I read Conquest by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard. I don’t think I liked it as well as Marion did, but it was still a pleasant read. Currently I’m reading Anne Bishop’s popular new urban fantasy series, THE OTHERS. The first novel, Written in Red, was entertaining enough, but the second novel, Murder of Crows, is starting to annoy me and I’m having trouble getting through it.

fantasy and science fiction book reviews Marion: I finished HildNicola Griffith’s brilliant book, and a review should follow soon. Then I got sucked into re-reading an old Stephen King book, The Gunslinger (Book 1 of THE DARK TOWER). I forgot how different The Gunslinger was, even back in the 1980s when it came out, from his other work. It was a good, thought-provoking read, but it did not make me want to start re-reading the entire series again.

I also finished up two Louise Penny mysteries, The Brutal Telling and Bury Your Dead. Those two together form one long mega-mystery. As much as I love Penny’s characters, her humor, and the fascinating information about Montreal, I found these two a bit too dark and I’m going to take a break for a bit.

fantasy and science fiction book reviews Terry: I’ve been reading The Bird Eater by Anya Ahlborn, a horror novel that is competently written but suffers from being dialed up to 11 in the first chapter and never veering away from that setting.  It’s a great novel for an aspiring horror writer to read in order to understand that particular lesson.  I’ve also read the latest issue of Apex Magazine, which is excellent (as usual).  And I’ve been on a road trip that finally allowed me to finish listening to Peter Straub’s A Dark Matter, about which I have yet to completely make up my mind.  It is as different as it can be from The Bird Eater, displaying a mastery of plot and character that reminds me that Straub is one of the best horror writers of our time.

fantasy and science fiction book reviews Tim: Papers, papers, papers. Blergh. When I have time, I’ve also been reading, about an aeon after everyone else on earth, The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. I’m very pleased with it so far, and it occupies a spot at the top of my all-too-short list of books that I’m going to have room to bring back home with me after this month is over. Also, I read issue number one of Marvel’s reissued MIRACLEMAN series (interestingly, though Miracleman was originally called Marvelman, and it is a reissue, Marvel did not originally publish the book — one of those funny instances when the real-world history of the comics character is as interesting as his fictional biography). Brad can probably discuss the history and merits of this character and of early Alan Moore better than can I, but I found the work engaging.

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