Thankful for books!To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Fanlit. A time we set aside for family, close friends, and (of course) good food. A time to consider how grateful we are for those and other aspects of our lives. A chance to reflect on the larger perspective than perhaps our daily lives don’t leave us much time for.

Reading in general — reading science fiction and fantasy, and reading specific individual books, are obviously some of those things we’re thankful for. But besides being the thing itself, the books we read can also show us a way toward thankfulness.

So at this holiday time, as usual, we thought we’d check in with all of you with a few questions:

  1. What reading experiences have you been thankful for in the past?
  2. What books this past year have you been especially thankful for?
  3. Or, more broadly, what have you found in your reading, either across several works or in one specific title, that gave you something to be grateful for, or offered up a shift in perspective, a blossoming of thought or meditation?

Answer as many of our questions as you like. One random commenter will win a book from our stacks.


  • Bill Capossere

    BILL CAPOSSERE, who's been with us since June 2007, lives in Rochester NY, where he is an English adjunct by day and a writer by night. His essays and stories have appeared in Colorado Review, Rosebud, Alaska Quarterly, and other literary journals, along with a few anthologies, and been recognized in the "Notable Essays" section of Best American Essays. His children's work has appeared in several magazines, while his plays have been given stage readings at GEVA Theatre and Bristol Valley Playhouse. When he's not writing, reading, reviewing, or teaching, he can usually be found with his wife and son on the frisbee golf course or the ultimate frisbee field.