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Greg Ruth

A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Greg Ruth has been working in comics since 1993 and has published work for The New York Times, DC Comics, Paradox Press, Fantagraphics Books, Caliber Comics, Dark Horse Comics and The Matrix, Harper Collins, Hyperion, Macmillan and Simon and Schuster. He has shown his paintings in Houston, Baltimore, and New York, including a series of murals at New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2002 and his Metropolitan Transportation Authority poster for 2010. Greg has illustrated numerous children’s books and novels including Our Enduring Spirit (with President Barack Obama), A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade (with James Preller), Red Kite, Blue Kite (with Ji Li Jiang), and The Secret Adventures of Jack London: The Wild (with Christopher Golden), just to name a few. Greg has recently finished some personal art projects including the collection of works from his 52 Weeks Project, as well as the fun Logs I Have Known series.
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The Lost Boy: Beautiful artwork makes up for a derivative story

The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth

Beautiful artwork makes up for a derivative story, but some “homage” should be acknowledged

Middle grade readers who like The Amulet will probably enjoy Greg Ruth’s graphic novel adventure, The Lost Boy, published by Scholastic. This is a conventional tale, enlivened with beautiful black and white artwork that looks like it’s done in pencil. I have to admit that the cover immediately sucked me in.

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