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Christine Cody

Christine CodyChristine Cody is a penname of Chris Marie Green, a former schoolteacher turned full-time writer. She also writes under the name Crystal Green. Learn more at Chris Marie Green‘s website.

Bloodlands: Pulled the rug out from under me

Bloodlands by Christine Cody

This is a crow-eating review. Or, considering the kind of carrion eater that lives in Christine Cody’s post-apocalyptic world, a giant-gargoyle-bird-eating review. I had a terrible time getting into Bloodlands, it took me several weeks to read it, and I fully expected this to be a negative review. Instead, I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s been a while since a book pulled the rug out from under me so satisfyingly.

Bloodlands is set in the American West of the near future, after a number of disasters have devastated the climate and caused society to splinter. The heroine, Mariah, lives in an underground warren with a group of other misfits and her extremely bright Intel Dog, Chaplin. Her existence is shaken up by the arrival of Gabriel, a vampire on a quest that leads him to the enclave. Gabriel’s arrival coincides with an eruptio... Read More