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Anselm Audley

Anselm Audley fantasy author(1982- )
Anselm Audley
was 19 years old when he published his first fantasy novel. He studied at Millfield School and St John’s College, Oxford, taking a course in Ancient and Modern History. He lives in Dorset.

Heresy: Interesting enough to make another trip to Aquasilva

Heresy by Anselm Audley

Anselm Audley begins a somewhat non-traditional fantasy series set in what was one of the most creative environments I have read recently. The main character of Heresy, Cathan, is very typical for most fantasy in that he has powers he doesn't know about, is the son of a nobleman, and gets caught up in a major struggle that will affect the world. Cliché…

The bad guys are a group of fanatical priests who are trying to control the whole world and make the worship of their God the only acceptable form of religion. They are bad, the good guys are good. Cliché…

But... The setting is a planet where the ocean is much larger than what we have on Earth. Sea travel is a major theme and the author does a good job of reflecting the impact that distance and geography could have on a culture. Audley's ability to create a functioning economy a... Read More